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You are going to leave the author's academic site and enter his personal blog written in Chinese characters. There is no translation, or interpretation of those materials, both of which are left for future research (i.e., never). As a side note, I would be faithfully converted to deep learning if any AI can translate those poems.

Nevertheless, the target audience are not selected or determined by their familiarity with Sino-Tibetan languages. Rather, it is determined by how the potential reader could appreciate the First Amendment, under which the blog author's keyboard is likely to get (partially) protected.

Please be aware that this personal blog does not, and is not intended to, reflect any opinion of the organization where the author is working. Moreover, the author claims that most sentences in this blog are typed by an attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disordered monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard, whose only purpose is to verify Kolmogorov's Zero–one Law. Therefore, this blog should not be considered a reflection of the author's personal views, as excluded by Federal Rules of Evidence, Article XIII.

This personal blog is 100% non-technical proven. It is filled with nothing beyond private affections, rhetoric cliches, or inconsequential murmurs. The concept most related to math and statistics in this blog is that counterfactual monkey. By no chance shall any article in this blog helps increase your knowledge or broaden your horizon.

-- By clicking the button below, I have read all warnings above, but I choose to dismiss them in a reckless way. I still wish to visit and I will take all the risks (of wasting time):

Unless otherwise listed, the whole blog is licenced under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0