ABC, Model Misspecification, and Bimodality

Jun 18, 2019       5 mins     Tag: computation
Like importance sampling, ABC is in principle immune to metastability that MCMC has to suffer, but ABC is also problematic as we have no idea what it will converge to when the model is misspecified.
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non-parametric MLE

Jun 17, 2019       1 mins     Tag: zombies
When I talked to someone about the old proof the invariance of odds ratio in a respropective sampling, I mentioned the estimation of $q(x)$ is achieved by its non-parametric MLE or its empirical distribution (see...
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Should I reweight a case-control study?

Jun 01, 2019       14 mins     Tag: modeling causal
The odds ratio from a case-control study is exactly the same as in a cohort study, therefore I could fit a retrospective logistic regression as if it is prospective and report its MLE or Bayesian posterior distribution. But considering the sampling distribution shift, should I reweight it regardless?
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The Optimal Transport and Importance Sampling

May 22, 2019       3 mins     Tag: ad-hoc computation
Most statisticians-orientated introduction to optimal transport theory starts with the motivation: we can always obtain a one-D distribution $f(\theta)$ through its inverse cdf transformation
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Affordable Bayesian Neural Networks

May 20, 2019       10 mins     Tag: computation
We wrote a new paper on approximate Bayesian inference in deep network, with a similiar computation cost as point estimation.
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How many X do you know

Sep 26, 2018       3 mins     Tag: modeling causal
One day I was chatting with A and somehow we were talking about there were certain “celebrated” family names, which might be easily associated with the old continents, dogmatic aristocracy, enormous heritage,occasional conspiracy theories, and...
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Hello World and another stroy

Jan 03, 2018       2 mins     Tag: zombies
I am starting to write my blog. And it apparently took more time to become convinced than actually begining, just as many other things. As a technical issue, I am now using Github Page to...
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