The Optimal Transport and Importance Sampling

May 22, 2019       3 mins     Tag: ad-hoc computation
Most statisticians-orientated introduction to optimal transport theory starts with the motivation: we can always obtain a one-D distribution $f(\theta)$ through its inverse cdf transformation
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Affordable Bayesian Neural Networks

May 20, 2019       10 mins     Tag: computation
We wrote a new paper on approximate Bayesian inference in deep network, with a similiar computation cost as point estimation.
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How many X do you know

Sep 26, 2018       3 mins     Tag: modeling causal
One day I was chatting with A and somehow we were talking about there were certain “celebrated” family names, which might be easily associated with the old continents, dogmatic aristocracy, enormous heritage,occasional conspiracy theories, and...
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Hello World and another stroy

Jan 03, 2018       2 mins     Tag: zombies
I am starting to write my blog. And it apparently took more time to become convinced than actually begining, just as many other things. As a technical issue, I am now using Github Page to...
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